Make Sure You Can Breathe Easy Indoors

We're your go-to for HVAC unit cleaning in Gulfport, MS & Slidell, LA

Healthy indoor air quality starts with a clean HVAC unit. That's why MoldX handles HVAC unit cleaning in Gulfport, MS & Slidell, LA. We'll get rid of any dust or debris clogging your unit and treat it with our enzyme cleaning solution and chemical sanitizers.

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Why you need to clean your HVAC

Your HVAC is one of the instrumental parts of your home. This system moves air into, out of and throughout your home, so any debris in your ductwork could become an issue. With our duct cleaning services, we can:

  • Eliminate strange odors
  • Remove dust, dirt and other allergens
  • Get rid of anything strange in your ductwork

It's not uncommon for pests to make their way into a home's ductwork and create odors and debris buildup. A professional cleaning can help eliminate these potential issues and let you breathe easy.

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