Take Care of Your Mold Problem

We provide mold remediation services in Gulfport, MS & Slidell, LA

Noticed a mysterious spot on your wall? Is mold growing in your crawl space? MoldX in Gulfport, MS & Slidell, LA can tackle your mold removal. Whether you're a homeowner or a real estate agent prepping a property for sale, we're glad to help. You can trust us to make property mold-free.

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How we get the job done right

When you call us for mold remediation services, we'll make sure we don't leave behind any spots. We have a variety of effective cleaning solutions at our disposal. We use:

  • Enzyme solutions that break down organic materials
  • Chemical solutions to eliminate mold and mold spores
  • Thorough cleaning techniques to cover all affected areas

From your attic to your crawl space, we'll eliminate every spot of mold on your property. Our expert will walk you through the removal process and resolve your mold issue efficiently.

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